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Placement in our monitor1-51-56-1011-1516-2021-25
Our investment in Project350 USD250 USD200 USD200 USD150 USD75 USD
Banner 728×90 (Rotate)YESNONONONONO
Banner 468×60 (Fixed)YESYESYESYESNONO
Banner 125×125 (Fixed)YESYESYESYESNONO
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Review in ShamosenYESYESNONONONO
RCB payout350%250%200%150%100%50%
Price800 USD650 USD450 USD400 USD300 USD125 USD

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Perfect Money:U19763793
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Project : inclusiveforexProject:Fly9ns
Our referral Invested : more than 270,000 $Our Referral Invested:more than 150,000 $

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Project: StockSonsProject : ExnGlory
Referral Invested: more than 11000$ Referral Invested: more than 10,000 $
Project: Forrise LTDProject:Bsfinance
 Referral Invested: more than 7000$Our Referral Invested: more than 17,000 $
Project: RobotonProject : Bank Of Tron
Referral Invested: more than 6000 $Our referral Invested : more than 1,000,000 TRX
(more than 19,000 $)

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